With all of current focus on handheld devices and smartphones, we sometimes forget that there is a compelling need for portable, mission critical content available on devices that display well out-of-doors and that can operate for extended periods without recharging or reconnecting. Examples can be drawn from the construction, defense, energy and transportation sectors. Users working in these circumstances need up-to-date information that they can assess using e-Ink Readers, which have better out-of-doors display, longer battery life, and faster download times over slower connections. In this session, Intelligent Content thought leader Joe Gollner will lead us in an exploration of these requirements and of the tactics that can be deployed to address them. Among the considerations to emerge is the need for metadata to enable highly tailored information products to be built to these users. Other practical considerations touch upon the types of illustrations that will need to be available to the publishing process. Join Joe Gollner and Adobe product evangelist Maxwell Hoffmann for this compelling session on one more direction that portable content delivery is headed.